Friday, January 25, 2013

Frustration-Why Can't I Just Be Knocked Up Like A Normal Person?

So we have been trying for our second for three cycles now.  Same regimen that worked with Frank. Prenatals, baby aspirin (even though I'm negative for clotting disorders and my homocysteine levels were normal despite a MTHFR mutation), Prometrium because I have a borderline luteal phase defect (my endometrial biopsy suggested I was at a day in my cycle that was three days from where I actually was. Two days off is considered normal.), and 4mgs of Folate for MTHFR mutation. So this means I have to make sure I start the Prometrium a couple of days after I ovulate. They are suppositories and make a mess. I have to test before I stop them to make sure I am not pregnant and then if the test is negative I have to stop the suppositories so I can start my cycle.

Last time, I filled  my Prometrium prescription, the price went up significantly. So I had to call the insurance company.  Prometrium is no longer a preferred drug because there are other alternAtives on the market now. After finding this out, I had to play phone tag with my doctor to determine if he could write a prescription for a cheaper form of the progesterone.  So he prescribed me Provera (which is going to cost me ten times less than the Prometrium)which I take cycle day 16-28. But Provera cannot be used during pregnancy so I have to switch back to the Prometrium if I get a BFP. The doctor is hoping the Prometrium will be covered better by insurance if I take it when actually pregnant because there is no alternative drug as a preventative for miscarriage.  Get all that?

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